I need this album in my hands!!!


Look what I’ve got in the mail! (Late #birthday presents) #metal #blackmetal #progressive #NeObliviscaris #Australia #dsbm #atmospheric #Gris #Canada


I need this album in my hands, like… soon.


"Do you remember when
It didn’t use to be so dark
When everything was possible

Via - Kscope


"I learned how it is to feel alive
In dim chambers
A wet body, closeness
Warm thighs, tousled hair
Loving hands,
Caring words.
Our footsteps in the snow…”


(via Atmospheric Black Metal Albums)

Amazing album



One man folk metal project Falkenbach’s new album “Asa” is available now but you can stream it in full now

Amazing music, love this band.


Here’s your Halloween, get your souls ready. #thedevilishere #evilcostume #mask


Witherscape - Astrid Falls (ALBUM TRACK) (by Century Media Records)

"He’s waited forever now, guiding himself
Deep in the comfort of his sleep
No distance between them now
Together they lie, inviting the healing to begin”